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Welcome! Since my adolescence I have been fascinated by the concept of liminality – experiences that upend things, disturb rigidities in our thinking and spark transformation and change. The creatures that inhabit in-between times and spaces – bats, otters, seals – and those place where different dimensions meet – shorelines, caves, forest edges – all hold tremendous fascination for me.

So you’re invited through this portal, across this threshold. In this site, you’ll find excerpts from my two novels – Thief of Tales and Don’t Squeeze the Shaman – these are magical tales, fables about transformation and what may happen when the upending world of twilight comes for you and calls your name, and you answer.

My blog (Twilight Time) presents what I hope are thought-provoking alternative perspectives on human issues like war, race, addiction, poverty and personal growth and development.

You’ll also find reflections on and photos of the Beara Peninsula in southwestern Ireland, an ancestral homeland and a place myself and my family were blessed to reside for a number of years earlier this century, as well as New England, and especially Vermont, where we currently reside.

Finally, you will find information on writing services provided to community groups, small businesses, and others in Vermont or, really, anywhere.

I appreciate your taking the time to stop in, and hope you will return.

In case you’re curious, I can be available for book signings or discussions with book clubs or on-line groups, depending on schedules and/or locations, and welcome communication!

Thank you for stopping in~

Peace be with you and yours,

S.A. O’Hungerdell

The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. ~ Yeats

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